Double wire mesh panels

Thibo Online supplies double wire mesh panels with a mesh size of 50 x 200 mm in both light (6/5/6 mm wires) and heavy-duty versions (8/6/8 mm wires). Choice of various standard colors and heights.

Double wired mesh panel 6/5/6
(€25,33 Incl. tax)
Double wired mesh panel 8/6/8
(€28,80 Incl. tax)
Double wire mesh panel privacy slats
(€81,01 Incl. tax)
Acrylic and zincspray
(€11,50 Incl. tax)

The double rod mats from Thibo Online are of the highest quality and with the high stock quickly delivered to your home or project location. The mats have a width of 2510 mm, a mesh of 50 x 200 mm and are available in various heights.

A very solid barrier can be created with a double-bar fence. You can place your fencing with different post systems from Thibo Online.

Let us inform and advise you about the possibilities. Thibo Online puts your fencing together for you. Contact us via