Crush barrier

The crush barriers program at Thibo Online is clear and simple. Two types of high quality, 9-bars and 19-bars. For the 19-bars crush barrier it is possible to provide the fence with a nameplate facility.

Crush barrier - 19 bars
(€71,78 Incl. tax)
From: €53,98
Crush barrier - 9 bars
(€52,88 Incl. tax)
From: €39,77
Crush barrier - 19 bars, with nameplate provision
(€86,37 Incl. tax)
From: €64,96

No concessions were made to the quality of the materials used in the production of the crush barriers of Thibo-Online. These meet the high demands that are placed on the crush barrier itself. The crush barriers are strong and specially made for separation of large crowds and to prevent crushing.